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Google Chrome Rocks!!!

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As we all know Google is ruling the internet world with there search engine, gmail, orkut, gtalk, picasa, google documents. If you observe all these products carefully, you will find day by day all these products getting better and more user friendly. Google is kind of company which never stop finding there new source of cheese before anybody move it.

Couple of days before Google made there debut in browser world. Launched new browser called “Google Chrome”. I was very much eager to know about how these innovative minds of Google would make the world to use there browser, How they are going to differ there new baby from others, when people are using there favorite browsers from many years.

Today I downloaded new Google Chrome and I couldn’t stop myself from writing my findings about it. Some of them are

Most of the browsers are single threaded. That time if you get hung in one tab due to some javascript error, it used to lead to abnormally closing of browser. Google treat every tab as new process and this is the main thing by which Google chrome differ from other browsers. New process gets started as soon as you opens new tab and each process will have separate javascript threads as well. Because of this pokie machines you can use other tab when you hung up in any tab. In traditional browser it was not guaranteed that when you close any tab it will free up that memory space, but when you close any tab in Chrome it ends respective process and that memory gets reclaimed. Only concern I can see is starting multiple process takes bit more memory and this can be more prominent issue with this design. For this issue Google experts say, over the time it would be less memory bloat. 🙂

Second most interesting feature is you can see which tab is using more memory. For that you can just right click to title bar and click on Task manager and you will find who is culprit.    🙂

Right click to have Task Manager Option

Task Manager of Chrome

Task Manager of Chrome

“Incognito window” this is the third feature I found interesting. If you don’t wish to make entry in browser history of any link you visit, then just right click to that window and just click on “open link in incognito window”.

open link in incognito window

open link in incognito window

Iincognito window

Iincognito window

These are the main features of Google chrome. Along with it you can find out many small helpful features like

You can use address bar (to which Google call Omnibox) as google search engine, many hints while typing address.

New tab opens with thumbnails of most visited site.

It is open source that’s you will soon find many useful plugins for Chrome.

You can detach the tab easily.

More secure as compare to traditional browser.

Available in 43 different languages.

Google used there huge internet database to test there browser for different conditions. Looking to all these features and technology they used, you can have glimpse of Google’s innovative minds.

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