Hridhu’s Birth !!

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Gubbu‘s Birth day (Gubbu is baby’s name we used to refer it before his birth day)

Day 16th November 2014. Pournima admitted to Bidaye hospital, Navi peth, Pune. Met her at hospital.. She was doing great and hoping that delivery will not going to happen tonight or any time tomorrow as she was perfectly fine with no symptoms of labor pains. We all were happy.. But I was little concern over what is gonna happen.. The word Cesarean section was really very scary for me. Doctor was saying that baby head is still in upward position, so we might have to go with Cesarean option. With that concern in mind , I had light discussion with all.. And left pournima back in hospital with very heavy heart.

Day Monday 17th November 2014. I was suppose to reach early .. I got couple of calls from kaki(Pournima’s Aunt) and Varsha aatya(another Aunt) to come early.. I had to come with papa, mom n sis.. So got little late…. Left home in hurry with so excited still equally nervous feeling.. Traffic was at its best.. I cursed it.. Abused it.. Thought of to fly my car to reach in their..  Drove rash, bad as much as I can..  Was praying to unknown power to make everything fine.  When I reached hospital, Pournima was already been taken to operation theater.. I felt very very guilty.. Felt like I had to have  here to hold hand and tell my lovely wife.. That everything is gonna be alright..I don’t know how I would  have done it when I, myself was not sure..  I felt like every second was taking decade to pass.. I felt like my breath got heavy and I have to force myself to breathe in n out. Kaki n Varsha Aatya had kept their ear to operation theater door to listen something, anything. I was also running back and forth to both front n back door of OT(Operation theatre). Never ever in my life I waited for something to happen or curious about, like as I was today.  Not sure, but probably I was only thinking Pournima to be alright. Gauri(Her cousin who is also Gynac MD) was inside, that was the only relief.  All my soul came to my ears to hear something nice about my wife n my unseen little one. In last 9 months, attachment developed with little one was incredible.. I was dying to see his/her first glimpse. When I kept my ear to operation theater door, some machine was doing tick tick sound.. I felt that it  exactly matches my heart beat.. Oh God, why don’t we have fast forward button in life? Strange feeling it was .. Every second, I felt like to run in OT and be with Pournima.. I know I could never share what’s she is going through but equally I was feeling everything to be alright. All eyes were on that door.. God, god plz open the door let me know the good news.. In fact best news I ever heard in my life.. Plz plz plz… I was wondering when doctor will come out and congratulate baby’s father.. I wish Gauri could come out tell me what’s going on.. I wish that door to open now.. Yes now.. NOW MEANS NOW…I was hoping Gauri to break the ice first.. But look who was in hurry.. My baby .. That crying sound coming out of OT was so soothing that it went in from ears .. Touched my heart.. Filled it with love and emotions so much that it started spilling out of my eyes.. I looked around to see Sis Mom n Papa are in same boat.. We all were crying at same time .. A rare moment.. Precious one.. Only concern was is Pournima doing well? Gauri came out and told “Its Boy” news to add more joy.. I remember, I asked Gauri how’s Pournima in very teary voice.. Great relief to hear that she is doing good.

Few minutes later I saw my little bundle of joy. Cuteeee was looking at me with his little eyes. I heard many times that “I blessed with baby” and all.. But never knew what so called “blessed” is. Now I know what it is…

Met Pournima few minutes later.. Her usual mesmerizing smile was saying it all.. Tears of joy .. Tears of joy n tears of joy..

Thank u my love of life and welcome our Horcrux.

~ Deep

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  1. Rasika Says:

    Awesome….!!! Many many congratulations…

  2. Ankita Guha Says:

    The way you described gave me goose bumps !! 🙂 and yes hridhu is a blessing.

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