Happy Friendship day!!!

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An unplanned day..!
3 old friends meet after a long time .. decide to go for a movie..
one naughty professor, other hard n rusty mechanical engg and last one software geek.
watch bhankas english to hindi movie in a nostalgic Alka theatre.. pass usual rubbish comments..

after movie they decide to go on regular Z bridge katta.. police caught all of them for wrong side.. 200Rs fine for 2 bikes..

Reaches Z bridge.. beautiful river .. weather at its best.. wind blowing

refreshed lots of memories..

walks down to JM road.. went in shoe shop tried many shoes and chappals.. lot of bhakas to salesman.. come out of shop with empty hands..

again back to z-bridge.. lots of cracker of jokes.. new plans..

Never remember a day when they all meet and find it boring..

Missed them who all are missing..

makyacha kanis..

walk to ABC .. unplanned books shopping…

A dinner plan… superb dinner and gharguti non veg mess in front of alka theatre..,

photo shoot..

jagannath pan center..

hugs …

good bye..

A perfect friendship day.. !! Best ever!!

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