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There was a time when Singers like Kishor Kumar, Mhmd Rafi, Mukesh, Lata used to sing, where most of the time music was just to support it. Then time came where music overshadow the vocal and very less scope remained to vocals and Lyrics. I think Mohit chauhan brought old time back. I follow him since dooba dooba rehta hun song from his debut album. He always left me amazed with his vocal skills. I used to tell friends that he is great singer but under utilized. May be A R Rahman understood my concern and he pick him for all songs from movie Rockstar. Now whole world knows what Mohit Chauhan is capable of. In Rockstar movie songs even Rahmans music looks secondary, I really started thinking that Does he really need music at background. Every song from Rockstar is a master piece. When you see/listen such a great work done, you really want to thank the artist. This blog is just to say thank you to vocal miracle Mr. Mahit Chauhan and Mr. A R Rahman for finding a gem and polishing it to finest quality. Thank you for giving my ears best experience of all time.

Mohit Chauhan is now continued pleasing through barfi songs. I listen to it and say spontaniously. Waa.. what a refreshing divine voice… Jiyo Mohit Chauhan Jiyo.. 🙂 🙂

~ Deep

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  1. Dnyanesh Says:

    very true…I agree cent percent 🙂

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