He will be alright one day.

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Pawan, Yogesh, Pritam & Pankaj

Pawan Yogesh Pritam Pankaj

Last Saturday, when I was fast asleep, Cell phone rang at 6.30am. I generally don’t pick the phone so early but I picked up. “Pawan calling”. First thought was what the hell Pawan wants to talk early in the morning. I picked phone with eyes closed, It was Pankaj’s voice. “Deep listen, Pritam’s friend had an accident and we may need some money can you plz transfer it on Yogesh’s account”. That is what I heard. I said OK but today is holiday so I will not go to company, I have to go to internet café to transfer the money which supposed to open at morning 10. I will transfer it at 10am. Is that OK?? Pankaj handed over the phone to Yogesh. Yogesh said “Pritam la mar laglay”. Now I opened eyes I said what? What happened?? . After that, what Yogesh told me was like someone had slapped me in deep morning sleep. That time, I listened my heartbeat clearly in that morning silence. Thankfully Ravi (my roommate) was awake. I asked him to drop me at Shivaji Nagar.

Pritam had an accident at morning 4’O clock. Luckily Yogesh was with him (actually thank to god for choosing perfect person for such situation), he some how arranged Sumo and called Pawan. Pawan is Batman kind of person who generally start his day at 12am. Calling him at morning 4.30 is like calling Kumbhakarna to wake him up, but that day it was decided everything unpredictable would happen. Pawan not only picked phone but called Pankaj to make further hospital arrangements. They ran like angels to save Pritam. Hats off to their presence of mind.

Pawan, Yogesh, Pritam & Pankaj

On the way from Pune to Aurangabad, I went into memory flash back. It is almost 9 years we are friends. Short tempered, talkative, cute smile that is what Pritam is to me. He used to call me just to abuse and reminding me that I don”t miss him. I never called him for the sake of missing, I might have called him for not get abused. It is not the case that he is not my good friend. I used to hate him for many of reasons like his smoking habit, his all crap businesses, unwanted expenses and for his other friends. He used to get messed up with his businesses and that is the main reason we all friends used to scold him. We used to teach him many things which he never followed.

Of course there are reasons for which I considered him as my one of the best friend. They are his trustworthiness, clean heart and caring nature. For me these 2 reasons are sufficient to overcome his all hatred things. I remember the day when I was in 12th and Pritam came to my house to pick me up for the tuition class of 6am. Tuition was around 6km far from my house. When we reached to class I came to know that I lost my watch somewhere in the way. I told this to Pritam, he took ‘U’ turn and we went all the way to search of my watch. As my house came closer I was loosing all the hopes of getting my watch back, I asked Pritam to go back and forget about the watch but he was hopeful. At last we reached to my gate and I saw my watch there. I was so happy for getting my watch back. We missed our class that day. Though missing class was not the big thing for us but Pritam’s sympathy amazed me.

He is in ICU ward today. He has swelling on his brain which doesn’t allow him to control his emotions and anger. He is undergoing short term memory loss. Sometimes he asks to Yogesh or Pankaj, how do you come to know about my accident? When his noise goes beyond standard decibel limit doctor inject him to go sleep. He screams, abuse doctors, pulls the saline stand beside him. Doctor tied both of his hands now, even taped his all fingers except forefinger, may be to point god and say “how cruel you are? Are you searching for the reason to be kind?” Thank god they didn’t tape his mouth. What can be worse than this? How helpless we all are to see him such inhumanely treated? Whom to ask for quick heal? I am not even eligible to pray god as I never bowed my head in front of him. I never felt such helpless before. Pawan, Pankaj go everyday to visit him, talk doctors, ultimately for self satisfaction. What can we all do except expecting He will be alright one day.

6 Responses to “He will be alright one day.”

  1. Dinesh Says:

    This time Amazing and not copy pasted 🙂

  2. Gauri Says:

    You made us cry! God bless Pritam!

  3. Mahendra -(mahi) Says:

    Horrible Morning …….It’s horrible moment which u face….nice co-ordination ,quick decision maker which help pritam life….wish u god bless all of u which u help them and pritam..

  4. Bhagyashree Says:

    It’s heart-rending event. U came with ur actual emotions in this blog. Ur friends really admirable and did a great job. Pritam bhaiyya will be alright definitely as so many well-wishers r there for him. God bless him!

  5. othermers Says:

    All bread is not baked in one oven 😀

  6. Neetu Says:

    gr8 dosti…..

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