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After 26th Novembers Mumbai Blasts my Gmail status was “Jai Hind”.  One of my friend pinged me on chat and asked “Deepak, still you say Jai Hind”


Recent Mumbai Violence, this is the current hot topic everybody wants to discuss over sip of coffee. Media channels are all set to achieve there TRP target through this hot topic. They are busy in catching crying faces, sad stories, and protest stories. Hundreds of mails passed all over Internet n/w about this hot topic of terrorism and sacrifice of martyrs. Everybody is reading them and seems to be enjoying patriotism. Hundreds of blog came out to discuss this. Huge wave of condemning politicians generated which kicked out leading ministers..

Everybody is condemning the attack, pin pointing towards each other.  As a part of society, I am also undergoing through people”s reaction about recent violence. Since then I am asking many questions to myself to which I am not getting any answers. Just want to put those in my space.

Many mails came saying cricketer gets lakhs of Rupees for every sixer they hit. Millions of Rupees for Olympic medal winners and what martyrs got for there sacrifice? I was thinking that, who the hell are we to ask this? Do we not spend thousands of rupees to see cricket stars and how much we have contributed for the relief fund?

Are we the real culprit in this matter?
Politicians say Pakistan. Pakistan says Terrorist group. People say Politicians.
If I say they are the politicians then again question comes that we are the one who elected these politicians, so are we the real culprits?

If I say real culprits are terrorists, then thought comes that How they got such insane to do this height of cruelty?.  How they go such highly motivated so that they even don”t care for there own lives? Are they mad? Caught terrorist said that they had been shown Gujarat riots in which hundreds of Muslims got killed. Again Gujarat riots were under impact of Godhra Hatya kand in which Hindus play pokies got burnt off. oh! so its a chain of revenges. We say politicians are very selfish and none of our use. So who the hell gonna stop this chain? Are we? or useless politicians?

Last Major blasts were at the time of Babri Masjid fall. How many Hindus will say that there should be a Masjid? How many Muslim will say that there should be a temple? Count would be ZERO In billion of population for sure. If I ask Hindu He will say temple and may give number of reasons. If i ask same person that suppose you are from Muslim religion and now what will be your answer I am sure he will think for 10 seconds before giving any answer and those 10 seconds aren”t the self explanatory?

India is my country and all Indians are my brothers and sisters.

I love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage.

I shall always strive to be worthy of it.

Do we really mean these lines from Indian pledge or it is just a thing to mug up. Are we dumb enough to chant this word without knowing the meaning?. Do we really know what the pledge word really mean?

Do we have courage to teach our children and students that love is the only way to dissolve all the problems? Are we going to tell them that Shivaji Maharaj fought against injustice and cruelty and NOT against any specific religion?

Everybody is asking, what would government do after this terrorist attack? Many of fools are saying that we should have a war against Pakistan. Would that do? If there relative in armed forces would they have opted this option?

Question should be what should we do after this attack? Can”t we at least spread that violence is not an answer? Can”t we stop things like Godhra hatya kand and Gujarat riots? Can”t we stop getting used by politician under the name of religion? Can’t we stand for what we pledged in schools? If 10 terrorist can make the difference can”t we?

I had all this discussion with one of my friend. He said that “It is very easy to sit in AC office and think in this way”. I asked him “Brains behind all these violence aren”t under AC office?” 🙂

Jai Hind

2 Responses to “Jai Hind”

  1. Mahendra_DBA Says:

    Deepak…I am ready to attack on Terrorist..I m ready to fight against Politicians..

  2. Eknath Kadam Says:

    I agree.
    All the revolutions start from yourself. You cant change the world, but you can change yourself and make the difference.
    We need to look into our hearts, there is a lot of hatred and violence there. Lets clean our hearts so that the love and compassion can have some place.

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