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Thrilling night I ever experienced. Dnyanu called me that day and asked me for coming to Bhadra Maruti (Khultabad) on the occasion of हनुमान् जयन्ती. Hanumaan jayantee is the birth anniversary of lord Hanumaan. Bhadra Maruti is very famous temple near Aurangabad (Around 40km) where you will find sleeping statue of lord Hanumaan. On हनुमान् जयन्ती people use to go to this famous temple by bare foot walk but the special attractions for us were those free stalls of fruits, ice-cream delicious food and off course night bike riding.

That time I was like always in search of finding the reason to freak out. Dnyanu”s call was enough to lit me up. I told mom the reason for which I never got NO :- “I am going to college hostel for studying”. I called Chiku and told about freak out plan. I knew He would never be ready for such plans but still I knew I can make it to pull him into the plan.

We started our journey at 10.30pm. We dropped idea of going by bare foot walk by full votes, 4 bikes 8 friends. Journey started, I saw many people were going to khultabad by bare foot walking, group by group holding flags in hand. Everyone was looking for first food stall to come. First was sweet lime”s stall. Stalls were only for walking people. As we already knew this we parked our bikes little bit far from that stall. First Stall was self service kind of, we took the charge of sweet lime stall, everyone was taking sweet lime”s as many one can hold in hands. Then we moved to grapes stall then ice-cream then to some of food stalls. After enough pet-pooja and filling bags completely with fruits, we went to temple. Temple was flooded with people. their was again no conflict in deciding to have back door entry.

There were two options for us for return journey. One was same route by which we had came and second was road passing from the hills, with no street lights, and having past robbery records. Majority was on my side, Second one was really risky road so finally we chose second one 😀 . The idea was we are not inch less than robbers.

Journey started with Antakshri and then turned to group songs. In between me, Dinu and Dnyanu have decided to pull the leg of only frightened person i.e. Chiku. The plan was to take a break at darkest place. After some time we stopped singing songs and concentrated on finding darkest place. Finally we found sugar cane farm that was our first halt,

First Halt:

time near about 1.00am , sugar cane farm , darkest and chilled place. Nobody was talking. One of us said lets have some sugar canes. everybody nodded as no one want to show that he is the one who is frightened. We were moving in between those tall sugar canes, kites and night insects were in full flow singing group songs may be louder than us, but some times one could be ready to see devil”s face for full filling the wish of inner devil. We broke some of tall sugar canes. I said …hey listen their is somebody…something fishy…as per plan one of us shouted भूत भूत. We started running towards bike little bit faster than decided as we too had frightened little bit. As per plan one of us had already pulled out Chiku”s bike”s spark plug. Everyone had started bike, person sitting behind chiku already adjusted on another bike. We started bikes, raced accelerator, and rocketed the bike. Chiku was kicking to his bike hardly as he could and was screaming to wait for him. after loads of try, finally he left his bike and started running fast as he could. We waited for some time and then returned back with winning smile or you can say winning laughter on our faces. Instead of abusing us, he seemed to be thankful for returning back. We apologized for our devil deeds then moved to next destination .

Second Halt :
Second halt was at near small hill. It is true that devil wishes never fulfill. We had decided to pull chiku”s leg one more time. This time idea was to eat those sugarcanes by sitting on top that small hill. Chiku was doubtful to do this…and very cautious of next prank but he was helpless. Poor chap!! trapped badly between gr8 pranksters like us. We climbed that small hill. Discussed about ghosts and all scary things…and after some time suddenly we started running towards bike. Chiku was confused about whatever happening, he too started running,he might had thought that this time someone else”s turn could be there. This was second time his bike was giving problem, he checked spark plug, it was alright…this time bike was giving strange firing sound….he knew this was prank no.2 but still en ligne casino france he was frightened and asking to wait for him. At last we returned back and asked what happened to bike. He is like what you did to my bike?..I said …oh I think ghost had poked one of sugar cane in your bikes silencer…remove it …..and everybody broke in huge laughter…still I remmember how Chiku”s face color turned to red hot!!! …
Third Halt:
It is been said that you have to pay for all your sins in this birth only. This time I had seated behind chiku…. We covered some distance in silence ……then third halt came..We stopped at extremely inclined slope …cold air was blowing…I knew these moments would be memorable….so just wanted to feel it consciously as I could ….I sat in the center of that lonely tar road…some of my friends sat near me and some were on bike…I was enjoying the blowing air….I rested my body on road…was thinking that we all friends are like these twinkling stars…shining in this dark night without any fear…really that time I was on cloud no.9 ….All of sudden Dinu jumped on me…i forgot that time that my friends are not only stars but they are prank-stars..Dnyanu jumped over Dinu, then Govind, then Nana,Sampat, Chiku, Deshmukh…in 10 to 15 second I was under pile of nearly 350kg….and couldn”t move even a bit…felt like small stones under me want to taste my blood…and soon my rib-cage will make crack sound…I felt Chiku was lucky enough, at least he could be able to shout…I was getting the punishment decided for Gulam Chor** (Our favorite card game )..punishment was for who lost in game of Gulam-Chor..and that too on thick cushion bed …but this was hell..I was thinking, How all forgot that, this is not a thick cushion bed but road and that too stony..Eyes started to come out..but it is also been said that Bad people don”t die so cheaply…As usual Dinu helped…he lifted everybody..as he is exercising heavy push-up…I rescued somehow…once I settled to breath softly.. I started abusing them…you all are #$%@*%…I could see that time Chiku was happiest person among all…

Fourth Halt:
Dnyanu wanted to take a break from driving..so I took charge of his bike …Still We had some of tall sugar canes with us…one bike passed by us…I already said that I feel We friends are like twinkling stars …each time we twinkle..some wild idea comes in our mind…and this idea was some thing like this…first step was to take Fourth halt on darkest place….then one of us will keep watch on coming bike …then when that bike come near to us…suddenly we should come out on the road with those tall sugarcanes in hand to stop that bike …and decided to ask for माचिस्..though none of us is habitual of smoking…

Game of hide-seek started…We covered ourself behind big rock, Nana informed us about new bike”s arriving.. when that bike reached to place where all of we hidden..We came out with loud shouting..of ये रुक् रुक्…the place was such dark that we were not able to recognize there faces…bike stopped…one of us said…ये माचिस् है क्या?…no answer…..we came close to them …ohh shit..those two guys were no one else but our branch seniors…they were so frightened…everybody of us broke into loud laughter….they too started laughing..but not loud as we were…I saw sweat drops on there fore heads and their dried throat voices…they said you half-killed us…third victory for us

We started driving again….We were driving in sloppy glen …simple mistake could cost to fall in deep valley..again one monster thought strike to mind ….lets everybody go ahead…and to give them feel that both us are lost..I started driving slowly…when we were driving together..that time never felt like dark bcoz of everyone”s bike”s headlight…now we were much behind on that slopy glen …Dnyanu asked me turn off headlight for some time…as glen was sloppy…I switched off ignition too…I told Dnyanu that I am not able to see even road…and also brake”s are not urgent enough to stop bike….Dnyanu asked me to start the bike…ohh what a coincidence we had that time …key was not at ignition slot…I couldn”t able to see road…silly mistake could cost us to life…bike was taking speed on sloppy road…brakes are not working… no headlights, no key to start bike either…I thought it is been written in my destiny to die on birth day of hanumaan-ji……Hanumaan-ji started killing monsters from birth day itself 🙂 ……We started rubbing our feet on road to stop the bike…but it was not ready to stop…Dnyanu and me started shouting but there was nobody to hear….My eyes were open but still I had drove the bike like my eyes closed….suddenly i saw big rock in front of bike”s tyre …bike stopped by striking that stone, leaving us couple of meters away from deep valley….hushhhh……

We went back to find out lost key…in between Dinu and Nana had came back in search of us…finally we got the key….then drove non-stop to Aurangabad……..story not yet over ….our bike got punctured when we reached to city…..we were asking one man for nearby garage at morning 3.30am …suddenly police van stopped near us…..इतने रातको सडकपे क्या कर् रहे हो?… some one roared from the van…I looked at him…oh I knew him…I saw his pic in newspaper someday before…He was the stickiest police officer who newly joined Aurangabad police squad…his big mustaches were self-explanatory…. one of us told him that we were out for Hanumaanji”s birthday 😀 🙂 😉 ……He instructed us in censored words to leave urgently…I still remember How Dnyanu drove his punctured bike sitting on fuel tank for not pressurizing his rear tyre……

Finally we reached to college hostel…kept grapes in paper and sapodilla (चिकू) in thick cloth for rotting purpose…slept for 2-3 hours….then waked up at 7.30am….the next question was who will pay for the bill of tea….it results us to one more card”s game (बदाम् 7)…Govind was the looser for that game…then we moved to canteen…..We enjoyed those grapes and चिकू”s for whole week….and memory till now!!

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  1. Eknath Kadam Says:


    Ha Ha Ha


  2. Dinesh Says:

    ha ha ha h a……….
    Really I felt very very nice by remembering all those our wonderful
    days of our hostel life.I got astonished that still also( near about 2 years after) you remember each and every moment of that event.
    Thanks to you to for doing such gr8 hard work and made this blog ..
    Keep going….

  3. Bhagyashree Says:

    today i visited ur website. i read ur article “Ranger”. i got wondered to read it. u was such a guy at ur college time. u was not scared to anyone for telling lie and going for such risky trek and making fool to innocent chiku. nobody can be such naughty like u. but looking at ur todays position nobody will think like that about u.

  4. топшина Says:

    Good evening
    My name is Masha
    Beautiful blog, little more such.
    Good bay!

  5. Tani Says:

    hehe gr8 lofar gang…….good memories…….:)

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