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God No More..!!

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God No More!!
No more putting TV off when Sachin gets out..
No more believing that match is still in India’s favour as Sachin is on the ground
No more rush to cafeteria to watch Sachin completes his hundered.
No more nightmares to Shane Warne.
No more heart beat speed ups when Sachin is in span of 90 to 100
No more curiosity how much run Sachin made to them who missed a match.
No more regrets to miss watching Sachin makes 100.
No more classic sweep shots to the spinners
No more clean straight drives
No more upper cut to the pace bowlers
No more epitome of joy to the bowler who takes Sachin’s wicket.
No more excitement when openers walks into the ground.
No more Sachin Sachin Sachin shouts in the crowd..!!
No more a little master in blue jersey.
No more Sachin on the ground who made century a prestigious number.
No more holiness in game as God retires.

Feel lucky to be born in era when God himself played Cricket.

~ Deep

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