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mast mast dar mastam…

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When I started blogging I created separate music section in it, because I knew that I will keep writing my thoughts in it. My craziness go something like this, whenever I find new good song, I just keep listening it till it gets in my blood, till it spreads everywhere inside me, till it creates new fountain of happiness, till creates new spark inside me, till it brings smile of inner happiness on my face. I mean to say I just get HAPPY, I feel like dancing, feel like I am top of the world. What could be the easiest way than this to best casino bonuses get happy. People run behind money, lady, fame for happiness. Even after getting all this also there search of happiness never ends.

Anyway that is not the topic to discuss, the reason to write all this now is I found new fountain. J I just couldn’t stop myself to share this great news with you.

“Rock on” rocked me last month, I loved almost every song of this album. Then I found “ek meetha marz dene” a lovely song from movie called “Welcome to sajjanpur”. I don’t know why this song didn’t get popular. It is such a lovely song from offbeat singer Mohit Chauhan, who already sung nice songs like “dooba dooba”, “khoon chala (Rang de basanti)”, tum se hi (Jab we met). You can listen this song with your eyes closed; you can sense its sweetness. Madhushree (yeah! New to me also) is co-singer in this song. She has very little part to sing in this song but I tell you she got divine voice. I think, I am getting luckier these days. I was listening this song and I got the mail from a friend that Rehmaan’s new album “Yuvraaj” is out.

Rehmaan Gulzaar Sonu Nigam what could be the better feast than this for me J . What can I say more than “mast mast dar mastam…”


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कोनी घराची मोठी चौकट पाहिल
कोनी घरामधली रोकड पाहिल
तु हाताची घट्ट पकड पाहशील का ?
अशीच तु कधीतरी, आयुष्यात माझ्या येशील का ?

कोनी कमावलेली जायदाद् पाहिल
कोनी समान् उच्च जात पाहिल
तु casino pokie games जन्मभराची साथ पाह्शील का ?
अशीच तु कधीतरी आयुष्यात माझ्या येशील का ?

कोनी चमकलेल नशीब पाहिल
कोनी गाठलेल् पद पाहिल
तु डोळ्यात साठलेल् पाणी पाह्शील का ?
अशीच तु कधीतरी आयुष्यात माझ्या येशील का ?

कोनी बंगला आहे का विचारेल,
कोनी दागिन्याचा वजन पाहिल,
तु न सांगता सगळा जाणशील का ?
अशीच तु कधीतरी आयुष्यात माझ्या येशील का ?


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Hello friends, once again Bhagyashree here…

This time I would like to write about our family trip to the famous cities Tirupati and Tirumala in Andhra Pradesh. From many days we were planning to go for an outing. At last plan was decided to go to Tirupati. We were there for 5 days. In those days I came across various new experiences which I would like to share.

The town of  Tirupati is one of the most ancient and spectacular places of pilgrimage in India. It is situated in the Chittoor district in southern Andhra Pradesh. The town is well known for the sacred temple of Lord Sri Venkateswara situated on the Tirumala Hill adjoining it. Tirupati is a quite big city. Tirumala is another city which is adjacent to Tirupati and situated on hills.  Andhra Pradesh is really gifted with these two places.

Tirupati Balaji Temple

Tirupati Balaji Temple

Tirumala is the main attraction of all devotees overall the nation as Balaji temple is situated there. It is situated high on Venkatachalam hill. Tirumala comprises of seven peaks. Special arrangement of buses is done from Tirupati to Tirumala for the convenience of pilgrims. Whole way from Tirupati to Tirumala is through the hills and it is enchanting. It requires around one hour reaching to Tirumala. But one will never know that how the time goes and when one turn ends and another starts. One can see very huge hills appear to reach to the sky and beautiful greenery on them. There is a deep valley among those hills. To travel while watching this wonderful scene is really a mind blowing experience. Tirumala is also full of natural beauty. Lakhs of people from different parts of country come there to visit Balaji temple. They never care for the huge queue in which they have to wait for long hours or may be days as they have the strong belief in god Balaji. When we went, there was special occasion of ‘Bramhotsav’ i.e. annual festival of 9 days upto Dassera. So the huge amount of crowd was there. I have never seen such crowd before. On that occasion every day something special celebration is arranged which include palakhi, elephants etc. The temple is the jewel in the crown of ancient places of worship in southern India. The Balaji temple is very attractive and glazy as it is made up of gold. It is the richest temple. At night time, whole temple is decorated with colorful lightening. That looks amazing! One’s eyes get fulfill by that lovely scene. Along with temple, Tirumala is the best site for nature lovers. The whole atmoshphere is refreshing. There are some other attractions at Tirumala which include Shreevari Padalu, Sheelatoranam, Wenugopal Swami Mandir, Akashganga, Papvinashanam etc.

Tirumala hills

Natural beauty of Tirumala hills

Andhra Pradesh is the vast state. It was my first experience to visit any other state than Maharashtra. It was nice to see that many things change as the state changes like culture, language, dressing, and food. ‘Telugu’ is the principal language of the people in this state. Still we were able to communicate using Hindi & English. Then I came to know why India is famous for the “Unity in diversity”. As much rice grows in Andhra , it is the main food of people there. As I love rice & other south Indian dishes, I enjoyed eating Idli-sambar, Vada-sambar, Masala dosa , uttappa etc.

Hence , Tirupati–Tirumala are known for both religious as well as natural sites. I liked these places a lot. Also I enjoyed the whole journey to Andhra Pradesh by train. It was really a nice and unforgettable experience!

So friends , aren’t you feeling to go to Tirupati ? According to me one must visit this place Tirupati-Tirumala at least once.  🙂

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