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Vocal Miracle Mohit Chauhan

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There was a time when Singers like Kishor Kumar, Mhmd Rafi, Mukesh, Lata used to sing, where most of the time music was just to support it. Then time came where music overshadow the vocal and very less scope remained to vocals and Lyrics. I think Mohit chauhan brought old time back. I follow him since dooba dooba rehta hun song from his debut album. He always left me amazed with his vocal skills. I used to tell friends that he is great singer but under utilized. May be A R Rahman understood my concern and he pick him for all songs from movie Rockstar. Now whole world knows what Mohit Chauhan is capable of. In Rockstar movie songs even Rahmans music looks secondary, I really started thinking that Does he really need music at background. Every song from Rockstar is a master piece. When you see/listen such a great work done, you really want to thank the artist. This blog is just to say thank you to vocal miracle Mr. Mahit Chauhan and Mr. A R Rahman for finding a gem and polishing it to finest quality. Thank you for giving my ears best experience of all time.

Mohit Chauhan is now continued pleasing through barfi songs. I listen to it and say spontaniously. Waa.. what a refreshing divine voice… Jiyo Mohit Chauhan Jiyo.. 🙂 🙂

~ Deep


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Oscar Honored By Rahman … Yess I am saying ..Oscar Honored By Rahman..!
And every true fan of Rahman will say the same… I won”t say Rahman reached to Oscar… I will say finally Oscar juries get the chance to listen music maestro Rahman… I just read that Rahman composed music for slumdog in only 2 weeks …and it is not at all shocking… no one will have doubt on that.. even no one will think that “Jai ho” was Rahman”s best performance till now… Oscar juries should have to listen his music for films like Roja, rang de basanti, Taal, Vande Maataram and I am sure that they will be ashamed for not finding him earlier….

Anyway most important thing is He succeded to strike the chord at global level …. made india proud….. now “Bharat Ratn” is also not so far from him. He proved wrong to them who used to say ” Indian musicians are no where close to western “….He made his listeners Happy… He changed Oscar to Osc-ARR

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mast mast dar mastam…

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When I started blogging I created separate music section in it, because I knew that I will keep writing my thoughts in it. My craziness go something like this, whenever I find new good song, I just keep listening it till it gets in my blood, till it spreads everywhere inside me, till it creates new fountain of happiness, till creates new spark inside me, till it brings smile of inner happiness on my face. I mean to say I just get HAPPY, I feel like dancing, feel like I am top of the world. What could be the easiest way than this to best casino bonuses get happy. People run behind money, lady, fame for happiness. Even after getting all this also there search of happiness never ends.

Anyway that is not the topic to discuss, the reason to write all this now is I found new fountain. J I just couldn’t stop myself to share this great news with you.

“Rock on” rocked me last month, I loved almost every song of this album. Then I found “ek meetha marz dene” a lovely song from movie called “Welcome to sajjanpur”. I don’t know why this song didn’t get popular. It is such a lovely song from offbeat singer Mohit Chauhan, who already sung nice songs like “dooba dooba”, “khoon chala (Rang de basanti)”, tum se hi (Jab we met). You can listen this song with your eyes closed; you can sense its sweetness. Madhushree (yeah! New to me also) is co-singer in this song. She has very little part to sing in this song but I tell you she got divine voice. I think, I am getting luckier these days. I was listening this song and I got the mail from a friend that Rehmaan’s new album “Yuvraaj” is out.

Rehmaan Gulzaar Sonu Nigam what could be the better feast than this for me J . What can I say more than “mast mast dar mastam…”

My Music Diet

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My roomie Yateen bought Artis speakers with inbuilt FM radio in that…It was the root cause to start listening FM radio again…Which i had stopped listening 6 months before..for the reason that “I m not gonna listen all those nonsense they talk between two songs” and also I was not ready to listen those songs which i feel really bad and FM channels continue to play.These days I m feeling like my music diet getting worse day by day. My hunt for good songs is still alive, but now days, sometime i feel that, i am listening those songs which i should not listen and which is not up to my standard. For this all credit goes to that crap FM channels which hammers those bloody songs on ears. Those dirty songs hypnotize me by Hammering. After listening same dirty songs again and again. I start humming those crap songs, like

one two three, one two three, duniya me aana hai free duniya se jana hai free

🙂 🙂 which is not at all good for my music diet 🙂 .

My music hunger gave me such a great music experience. My ears met many legends like R.D Burman, S.D. Burman, A.R.Rehmaan, Kishor-da, Hariharan, Yeudas, Mhmd Rafi, Mukesh, Jagjit singh, Nusrat fateh ali khan, Kavita krishnamurthi, Lataji, aashaji, sonu, kk, sukhwinder, shankar mahadevan list is never ending 🙂 . If god is somewhere then I will say these people gave me that feel. Some have goddess Sarswati in there throat and some have it in there finger tips. I love listening all these gods with eyes closed when I am alone. It makes me happy, it takes me away from every worry, it takes me close to my heart. It work like F5 button for me 🙂 pokies casino .

I love almost every kind of indian music. I love listening rocking shankar mahadevan, sukhwinder and also have same place for Ustad Bismillah Khan”s Shehnai and Ravi shankars sitar also.I love Daler”s bhangda and also loves Rabbi”s silent love prayers. I might be small player in listening western music but I had listened almost every type in Indian music. I really love Indian music by heart. Many people told me that you will not listen Indian music once you started listening western music, so I tried listening western music. I loved listening western music too. Bryan Adams, backstreet boys, Mark knopfler, celine dion, Boyzone these are some of my gr8 findings.

When I think of all these maestro”s, it reminds me all those great moments i spent listening them. My heart gets overwhelmed with such gratitude which I can not express in words. Here I thank to all those great artists for giving me all those precious moments.

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What is the food for my soul? For this question simplest answer could be Music, Music and Music. Also Music is the one of the reason for me to feel eternal bliss. I generally hate watching TV. Today some how I had a chance to watch music show, which is very popular these days “jo jeeta wahin Superstar”. I had heard about the show by many people, that it is very nice reality singing competition and the participant singers are also worth listening.

Today”s show was some special show, so they had called Sukhwindar for the show. Sukhi sang welcome song, I listened that song and then I skipped rest TV show. Not because Sukhwindar sang badly but what can be the better than this? Why should I spoil my taste after listening master’s voice? Sukhwindar is one of the best best singers hindi film industry have. He is master in making the connection with god. True Artist. Some times I feel he has fire glob in his throat, so whenever he sings I can feel pokies online australia that fire. How can he sing with such a great power, great enthusiasm. His variations, voice fluctuations are mind blowing. He takes you to different level of spirituality. When A.R. Rehmaan composes his song that time, it is like pearl fitted in gold ring. Perfect!!. I love many other singers too, but he is the one whose voice directly touches my heart and takes my spirit to a different level. Every time I listen his songs, it reveals me different sides of that song. I love almost every song he sang till now, it may be chayya chayya, Rut aa gayi re, kariye na, chak de india, lavi vi na gayee, chham chham chali dekho. He has that strength which took meaningless song like Dard-e-Disco to the chart buster. Three times salute to this master singer.

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