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Happy Friendship day!!!

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An unplanned day..!
3 old friends meet after a long time .. decide to go for a movie..
one naughty professor, other hard n rusty mechanical engg and last one software geek.
watch bhankas english to hindi movie in a nostalgic Alka theatre.. pass usual rubbish comments..

after movie they decide to go on regular Z bridge katta.. police caught all of them for wrong side.. 200Rs fine for 2 bikes..

Reaches Z bridge.. beautiful river .. weather at its best.. wind blowing

refreshed lots of memories..

walks down to JM road.. went in shoe shop tried many shoes and chappals.. lot of bhakas to salesman.. come out of shop with empty hands..

again back to z-bridge.. lots of cracker of jokes.. new plans..

Never remember a day when they all meet and find it boring..

Missed them who all are missing..

makyacha kanis..

walk to ABC .. unplanned books shopping…

A dinner plan… superb dinner and gharguti non veg mess in front of alka theatre..,

photo shoot..

jagannath pan center..

hugs …

good bye..

A perfect friendship day.. !! Best ever!!

Dance Deepak Dance..!

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SEARS ZEST celebration is scheduled on 28th April 2012. Dance competition… so Shaking my legs on Pungi baja ke song.. dance make me feel that i am so weightless like a feather..!! 🙂

Married Man

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Yes I am married man now… hope everything is for betterment 🙂

They says I have to behave like a very matured person now… let me google how they live like look like 🙂

Almost 2 months … didn’t go to cinema hall..  🙂

Quit Facebook..!

Not quitting writing poems for sure..!


Jai Hind

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After 26th Novembers Mumbai Blasts my Gmail status was “Jai Hind”.  One of my friend pinged me on chat and asked “Deepak, still you say Jai Hind”


Recent Mumbai Violence, this is the current hot topic everybody wants to discuss over sip of coffee. Media channels are all set to achieve there TRP target through this hot topic. They are busy in catching crying faces, sad stories, and protest stories. Hundreds of mails passed all over Internet n/w about this hot topic of terrorism and sacrifice of martyrs. Everybody is reading them and seems to be enjoying patriotism. Hundreds of blog came out to discuss this. Huge wave of condemning politicians generated which kicked out leading ministers..

Everybody is condemning the attack, pin pointing towards each other.  As a part of society, I am also undergoing through people”s reaction about recent violence. Since then I am asking many questions to myself to which I am not getting any answers. Just want to put those in my space.

Many mails came saying cricketer gets lakhs of Rupees for every sixer they hit. Millions of Rupees for Olympic medal winners and what martyrs got for there sacrifice? I was thinking that, who the hell are we to ask this? Do we not spend thousands of rupees to see cricket stars and how much we have contributed for the relief fund?

Are we the real culprit in this matter?
Politicians say Pakistan. Pakistan says Terrorist group. People say Politicians.
If I say they are the politicians then again question comes that we are the one who elected these politicians, so are we the real culprits?

If I say real culprits are terrorists, then thought comes that How they got such insane to do this height of cruelty?.  How they go such highly motivated so that they even don”t care for there own lives? Are they mad? Caught terrorist said that they had been shown Gujarat riots in which hundreds of Muslims got killed. Again Gujarat riots were under impact of Godhra Hatya kand in which Hindus play pokies got burnt off. oh! so its a chain of revenges. We say politicians are very selfish and none of our use. So who the hell gonna stop this chain? Are we? or useless politicians?

Last Major blasts were at the time of Babri Masjid fall. How many Hindus will say that there should be a Masjid? How many Muslim will say that there should be a temple? Count would be ZERO In billion of population for sure. If I ask Hindu He will say temple and may give number of reasons. If i ask same person that suppose you are from Muslim religion and now what will be your answer I am sure he will think for 10 seconds before giving any answer and those 10 seconds aren”t the self explanatory?

India is my country and all Indians are my brothers and sisters.

I love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage.

I shall always strive to be worthy of it.

Do we really mean these lines from Indian pledge or it is just a thing to mug up. Are we dumb enough to chant this word without knowing the meaning?. Do we really know what the pledge word really mean?

Do we have courage to teach our children and students that love is the only way to dissolve all the problems? Are we going to tell them that Shivaji Maharaj fought against injustice and cruelty and NOT against any specific religion?

Everybody is asking, what would government do after this terrorist attack? Many of fools are saying that we should have a war against Pakistan. Would that do? If there relative in armed forces would they have opted this option?

Question should be what should we do after this attack? Can”t we at least spread that violence is not an answer? Can”t we stop things like Godhra hatya kand and Gujarat riots? Can”t we stop getting used by politician under the name of religion? Can’t we stand for what we pledged in schools? If 10 terrorist can make the difference can”t we?

I had all this discussion with one of my friend. He said that “It is very easy to sit in AC office and think in this way”. I asked him “Brains behind all these violence aren”t under AC office?” 🙂

Jai Hind


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Hello friends, once again Bhagyashree here…

This time I would like to write about our family trip to the famous cities Tirupati and Tirumala in Andhra Pradesh. From many days we were planning to go for an outing. At last plan was decided to go to Tirupati. We were there for 5 days. In those days I came across various new experiences which I would like to share.

The town of  Tirupati is one of the most ancient and spectacular places of pilgrimage in India. It is situated in the Chittoor district in southern Andhra Pradesh. The town is well known for the sacred temple of Lord Sri Venkateswara situated on the Tirumala Hill adjoining it. Tirupati is a quite big city. Tirumala is another city which is adjacent to Tirupati and situated on hills.  Andhra Pradesh is really gifted with these two places.

Tirupati Balaji Temple

Tirupati Balaji Temple

Tirumala is the main attraction of all devotees overall the nation as Balaji temple is situated there. It is situated high on Venkatachalam hill. Tirumala comprises of seven peaks. Special arrangement of buses is done from Tirupati to Tirumala for the convenience of pilgrims. Whole way from Tirupati to Tirumala is through the hills and it is enchanting. It requires around one hour reaching to Tirumala. But one will never know that how the time goes and when one turn ends and another starts. One can see very huge hills appear to reach to the sky and beautiful greenery on them. There is a deep valley among those hills. To travel while watching this wonderful scene is really a mind blowing experience. Tirumala is also full of natural beauty. Lakhs of people from different parts of country come there to visit Balaji temple. They never care for the huge queue in which they have to wait for long hours or may be days as they have the strong belief in god Balaji. When we went, there was special occasion of ‘Bramhotsav’ i.e. annual festival of 9 days upto Dassera. So the huge amount of crowd was there. I have never seen such crowd before. On that occasion every day something special celebration is arranged which include palakhi, elephants etc. The temple is the jewel in the crown of ancient places of worship in southern India. The Balaji temple is very attractive and glazy as it is made up of gold. It is the richest temple. At night time, whole temple is decorated with colorful lightening. That looks amazing! One’s eyes get fulfill by that lovely scene. Along with temple, Tirumala is the best site for nature lovers. The whole atmoshphere is refreshing. There are some other attractions at Tirumala which include Shreevari Padalu, Sheelatoranam, Wenugopal Swami Mandir, Akashganga, Papvinashanam etc.

Tirumala hills

Natural beauty of Tirumala hills

Andhra Pradesh is the vast state. It was my first experience to visit any other state than Maharashtra. It was nice to see that many things change as the state changes like culture, language, dressing, and food. ‘Telugu’ is the principal language of the people in this state. Still we were able to communicate using Hindi & English. Then I came to know why India is famous for the “Unity in diversity”. As much rice grows in Andhra , it is the main food of people there. As I love rice & other south Indian dishes, I enjoyed eating Idli-sambar, Vada-sambar, Masala dosa , uttappa etc.

Hence , Tirupati–Tirumala are known for both religious as well as natural sites. I liked these places a lot. Also I enjoyed the whole journey to Andhra Pradesh by train. It was really a nice and unforgettable experience!

So friends , aren’t you feeling to go to Tirupati ? According to me one must visit this place Tirupati-Tirumala at least once.  🙂

Google Chrome Rocks!!!

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As we all know Google is ruling the internet world with there search engine, gmail, orkut, gtalk, picasa, google documents. If you observe all these products carefully, you will find day by day all these products getting better and more user friendly. Google is kind of company which never stop finding there new source of cheese before anybody move it.

Couple of days before Google made there debut in browser world. Launched new browser called “Google Chrome”. I was very much eager to know about how these innovative minds of Google would make the world to use there browser, How they are going to differ there new baby from others, when people are using there favorite browsers from many years.

Today I downloaded new Google Chrome and I couldn’t stop myself from writing my findings about it. Some of them are

Most of the browsers are single threaded. That time if you get hung in one tab due to some javascript error, it used to lead to abnormally closing of browser. Google treat every tab as new process and this is the main thing by which Google chrome differ from other browsers. New process gets started as soon as you opens new tab and each process will have separate javascript threads as well. Because of this pokie machines you can use other tab when you hung up in any tab. In traditional browser it was not guaranteed that when you close any tab it will free up that memory space, but when you close any tab in Chrome it ends respective process and that memory gets reclaimed. Only concern I can see is starting multiple process takes bit more memory and this can be more prominent issue with this design. For this issue Google experts say, over the time it would be less memory bloat. 🙂

Second most interesting feature is you can see which tab is using more memory. For that you can just right click to title bar and click on Task manager and you will find who is culprit.    🙂

Right click to have Task Manager Option

Task Manager of Chrome

Task Manager of Chrome

“Incognito window” this is the third feature I found interesting. If you don’t wish to make entry in browser history of any link you visit, then just right click to that window and just click on “open link in incognito window”.

open link in incognito window

open link in incognito window

Iincognito window

Iincognito window

These are the main features of Google chrome. Along with it you can find out many small helpful features like

You can use address bar (to which Google call Omnibox) as google search engine, many hints while typing address.

New tab opens with thumbnails of most visited site.

It is open source that’s you will soon find many useful plugins for Chrome.

You can detach the tab easily.

More secure as compare to traditional browser.

Available in 43 different languages.

Google used there huge internet database to test there browser for different conditions. Looking to all these features and technology they used, you can have glimpse of Google’s innovative minds.


Am I really earning in share market..?

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Am I really earning in share market..?

I am very small investor in this big game. I started investing in market since last one and half year…I had started my share market journey by investing 10k only… My motto was to get 10% on amount I invested…I observed 4 – 5 interesting scenarios.

1) If I invest some amount of money in market & If I sell those shares, lets say for 15% profit. Then usually what investor do is he again reinvest these money with earned profit to get more profit. That mean his capital in market increased but net profit in hand is none. 🙂

2) If I go for long term investment, lets say 1 to 2 years and suppose share prize is lets say 1000Rs. After 1 year suppose it is showing 50% profit in my portfolio and my stand is to hold it for little bit more time. One day market crashes (like Jan 2008) and stock price again come to our buying price. Your 2 years effort or say patience J becomes scrap and you have to again start it from ground zero. 🙂

3) After last months market crash my portfolio is showing loss more than the money I earned in last 1.5 year. 😀

4) Then I moved to momentum stock. My friend Pravin calls it as “punter stock”. 😉

These type of shares only moves in circuits. i.e. upper ckt or lower ckt. Initially when market was up that time these stocks helped me to earn some quick money. Again I did same mistake, I reinvested those money in some more Punter stocks. After market crash it didn’t gave me chance to sell it. Now there share price falling like water fall and I can do nothing except listening its unbearable noise.

5) Now I learned intra day trading but again it is blind game. No matter how fundamentally strong company is, only god can predict that what will happen to its share price in a day.

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