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Hey…It’s raining!

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Hi friends, Bhagyashree here…
From some days I was thinking to start blogging and was in search of good topic. But today only by co-incidence I found a cheerful topic to start with…

I was not feeling well today. So I didn’t go to college. Whole day I spent at home. Really, a single day was too long for me. While in college I never get to know how time goes… but today my mood was also not good because of health. So I was hardly  able to spend the long day. Perhaps I might have missed my friend’s circle and the college.

In the evening I started to feel much better. I got out of the bed, came outside the hall and sat on our ‘katta’. Unknowingly I started to feel the atmosphere. Nice, cool wind was blowing which was making my eyes blink lightly. I started to feel some sensation of the breeze in the body. Trees were slowly dancing due to the breeze. Suddenly, I noticed a thunderbolt in the sky. I looked up in the sky. White clouds were running as if they were playing ‘hide and seek’. I started to observe their play minutely. Suddenly the sky color changed to dark and sunlight got dim. Even at 5 o’clock there was feeling of sunset in the evening.

As now everybody can guess what was about to happen I concluded that “It is going to rain now…” It took no more  time for the raindrops to come on earth. Within few seconds it started raining. I told mom to take clothes inside so that they wont get wet. Then again I started my observation. In next few seconds heavy rainfall started. I was able to see the people outside were in rush to get into their homes. Coolness in the atmosphere increased gradually. I was also feeling the same coolness as raindrops were getting sprinkled on my face. It was really a beautiful experience! My trees in the garden were also just catching the rain and flowers started enjoying and were laughing. I put one pot with red colored flowers in the rain, which I had bought and excitedly planted. While looking such a marvelous scene I totally forgot my nervousness.

While enjoying the scene I went into my childhood for sometime. From childhood I like the rainy season among all three seasons. When I was child I used to think the rain is nothing but… “God opened all the taps in their heaven”.   🙂    Such a innocent thought! Now I laugh at myself. We used to make paper boats and leave them in rainwater..and watching them flowing along with water was also the mind blowing experience. As that water was a bit muddy it was having somewhat creamy color and we used to call that water as “god’s tea”.   🙂    When I grew up and started going to school…and met with rain, I always asked my father to drop me to school although it was too near from our house. I felt for sometime to go again into those golden days of childhood which I know are never going to come back…only I can have those days in my memories..   🙂

This is the season in which most poets have composed their poems, many authors have written their articles. This is the most magical season of the nature! Even the earth which gets bored of dryness of summer gets a refreshment due to the rain. Raining is the most important phenomena of the nature’s life cycle. Without rain it can’t complete. To adopt the counterbalance we can do many things like planting trees, avoiding pollution etc. So let’s we all together pray to the nature to bestow the earth with rain.

Suddenly again I heard sparkling in the sky which bought me back in the present and made me to think on the facts. Generally rainy season starts in June. Now it is the first heavy rain which is falling at the end of August. After all it is controlled by nature. But somewhere we all are also responsible for the same. Because of globalization and industries man has destroyed a large amount of trees. This time all are waiting for its fall for the crops, some villages for drinking water and city people to ovoid boring loadsheding hours and for many more reasons…

After this moment of rain my mind got refreshed and inspired. I stood up with my eyes full of that awesome scene and mind full of thoughts and memories. Then I started to write this blog and happy now as is going to publish. I hope u will enjoy my first blog  while reading.   🙂

Plz put your comments if it comes to your mind. It will inspire me to post further stuff.

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